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Axew will be available in the wild.  Axew's and its evolutions shiny variants have been previously released..
Evolving Fraxure evolved into Haxorus or Haxorus caught during the the event will learn the exclusive Charged Attack, Breaking Swipe (Dragon).


3x Catch XP
3-hour Incense (Except Daily)
3-hour Lures (Except Golden Lure)
2x Catch Candy
2x Chance to receive XL Candy from catching Axew (Level 31+)
5x Photobomb by Axew

Available until 10pm
1 Extra Special Trade (max of 2 for the day)
Trades require 50% less Stardust

Wild Spawns



Starting at 5pm, Haxorus will appear in Level 4 Raids.  Once you defeat the raid, Axew will appear within 300-meters of the gym that hosted the raid.  Shiny rates will be the same as for community day.  These raids will continue until 10pm. These raids can NOT be accessed with a Remote Raid Pass.


Keeping Sharp

Event-exclusive Special Research Story

For $1.00 (USD) (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Axew Community Day–exclusive Special Research story, Keeping Sharp



Axew and its evolutions will have a greater chance of being shiny.


The graphic will be released closer to the event.